About Azul Fine Jewelry

Azul specializes in designer bridal & fine jewelry all handmade in America meticulously crafted for ultimate comfort and wearability. Azul designs encompass classic & timeless elegance at an extraordinary value. Based on finely cut diamonds & unique designs, every diamond is carefully set girdle to girdle to attain maximum beauty & consistency.

Every ring is engineered so you see the entire diamond. This includes the crown, girdle, pavilion & culet allowing light to enter the diamond from all directions and then to be returned to your eyes maximizing their brilliance and dispersion. This highlights the precision cut of our diamonds.

Where other jewelers may have U designs we urge you to carefully examine how they have set their diamonds hiding the entire pavilion of the diamond. This greatly reduces the brilliance and dispersion of the diamonds.

In addition, with other jewelers, none of their semi mounts have matching galleries in both the shank & halo with the stones set in this light maximizing manner. Examine our attention to detail, we know you will see and appreciate this higher level of attention that separates us from other bridal manufacturers.

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