For 30 years West Essex Jewelers has been a proud and active part of our community. As a family-owned business, our customers are not just customers; they are friends. We provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that will allow you to feel comfortable while browsing and purchasing items for any occasion.

At West Essex Jewelers, we carry a diverse selection of jewelry while also allowing customers to create custom pieces. Customers also have a wide variety of choices in giftware and watches. As a member of the IJO, we are held to the highest standards in ethics and professional integrity. We attend many of the major jewelry shows, including 4 trips a year to stay on top of the current jewelry fashion trends.

As a master IJO jeweler, we adhere to the following values to give you the confidence you need to make the right jewelry purchase: TRUST, INTEGRITY, HONESTY and EXPERTISE!

-Joe Sapienza

Joe Sapienza

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