One of the biggest moments in a person's life is when they get engaged.

Here is a list from West Essex Jewelers of 30 ways to pop the question
and make your proposal a memorable experience.
  • Not sure what type of ring to buy her? Buy ANY piece of jewelry and have it inscribed with "Marry Me". She'll always have that and then she can pick out a ring she loves.
  • Dropping the ring in a glass of Champagne is simple, elegant and effective. Just make sure she doesn't drink the ring.
  • Get dressed as a gorilla, clown or, how about a Prince or, better yet, a Knight in Shining Armor and go to her job or home with a balloon. Have the ring tied to the end of the string.
  • Take her on a Hot Air Balloon ride and pop the question during the flight. Just make sure the ring doesn't go flying overboard. If she doesn't like Hot Air Balloon rides, a helicopter ride will work too.
  • Place an ad in her favorite magazine or newspaper with your photos next to it, so she is sure to notice. Imagine her surprise when she is reading and sees her face in her favorite magazine. Or, if you really want to get her to notice it, circle the ad and fold the page.
  • Have a billboard ad on the highway. This is costly, but WOW what a surprise, which will be seen by a lot of people!
  • Call her favorite radio station and ask her on the air.
  • Take her to a sporting event and see if you can have the question placed on the screen.
  • If she is into theater, plan on taking her to a play and then on a horse and buggy ride if possible where you'll ask the question. Don't forget the champagne to celebrate!
  • Create a path by using rose petals or footprints from the front door to her bedroom. Fill the room with roses, other flowers, balloons and candles. Be waiting for her on the bed (which is sprinkled with rose petals of course) holding the ring. This is sure to win her heart.
  • Take her to dinner at your favorite restaurant. Prearrange to have the waiter bring a single red rose to the table with the ring attached to the rose.
  • Take her on a picnic with all the trimmings, leave the ring in the basket and then ask her to get something out of the basket later. The ring waiting in the basket for her will surely be a surprise.
  • Bake a cake for her birthday, and use the ring as a topping.
  • Take a walk on the beach and write "Will you marry me" in the sand.
  • Send her flowers every day for a week leading up to the day you ask her.
  • Build a web page with photos of the two of you and propose on the site.
  • Hire a skywriter to write, "Will you Marry Me" or, rent one of those planes that carries a banner behind it.
  • Buy a book, cut out a hole the same size of the ring in the pages. Place the ring in the book and present it to her.
  • Freeze the ring in an ice cube. Give your lovely lady a cold drink using your ring cube. (Use a clear glass and a clear type drink, water or a clear soda so she sees it)
  • How about giving her a BIG present and have a smaller wrapped box inside, then a smaller one, and a smaller one, you get the picture… until she comes to the ring box.
  • Is she a pet lover? How about getting her a puppy or kitten and tie the ring around the new animal's neck as a collar. If she already has a house full of furry friends, tie the ring around her favorite cat or dog's neck. Now just make sure the four-legged friend doesn't bite the ring off and swallow it!
  • Does she travel on business a lot? Pick her up at the airport with a sign that says, "Will you marry me" then get down on one knee right in the baggage claim.
  • Build a snowman together, and then when she isn't looking put the ring box in the snowman's hand.
  • Have a singing telegram delivered to her at work.
  • Give her a foot massage and place the ring on her little toe.
  • Do you have the keys to her car? Fill it with Balloons and a sign that says, "Will you Marry Me."
  • Sometimes it's not how you do it but where. Go to your favorite spot, whether it's a park, the beach or favorite restaurant. Then just get down on one knee and ask her to marry you.
  • Taking a vacation soon? Plan on asking her while you are on vacation. She will really be surprised.
  • Have your marriage proposal placed on a slide before a movie
  • Use glow in the dark stickers to spell out "Will you Marry Me." Then settle in for a movie or just to cuddle, but don't forget to turn off the lights!
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