Belle Etoile is a luxury jewelry brand that emphasizes the power of self-expression. Though our pieces are designed and crafted to meet the highest quality and aesthetic standards, they are not intended to outshine the woman who is wearing them. They accentuate her beauty, by literally drawing attention to it and also by reflecting her unique personal style. Though each of our collections was curated with a certain type of woman in mind, we encourage creative mixing and matching to cultivate a look and feel to perfectly embody one's individual charisma.

Each collection is a set of jewelry that is meant to be worn together. The stories behind the collections contain none of the vague nonsense that is so common among couture designers. Belle Etoile's collections depict exactly what they are meant to resemble. This means that when a woman wears jewelry by Bell Etoile, she can be sure that her intended message is coming through loud and clear. There is room in fashion for abstract thinking, and Belle Etoile's pieces can be worn to express those ideas as well, but we feel it is important to approach fashion with clear intentions. We want the women who wear are jewelry to feel that they have made powerful decisions about the kinds of statements they want to make.

Belle Etoile

Some of the collections, such as Butterfly Kisses, offer different color options. One might choose pieces that are all the same color, or she might opt for complementary pieces in the same pattern but different hues. Similarly, the Cherry Blossom collection features the same whimsical floral motif expressed in different bright color combinations. Collections like these that are comprised of inlaid pieces are youthful and energetic without losing that touch of elegance that marks these pieces as being for adults. A woman who wears this jewelry will be giving her wardrobe a breath of fresh air without any of the immaturity that usually accompanies colorful accessories.

Nowhere is this approach to jewelry more evident than in the Constellations Collection, an assortment of bangles meant to be worn either alone or in any one of hundreds of possible combinations. The swirls of color are balanced by the graceful construction. Some of the bangles come in square shapes and look especially sophisticated when worn alongside circular bangles of the same color. Belle Etoile excels at this sort of subtle drama. The beauty of the pieces warrants a second glance, which reveals the deeper inventiveness of the designs.

Though many of Belle Etoile's collections possess an ethereal quality, some of them convey a sense of dark mystery. Several collections make use of Italian rubber, an elastic material that lends the jewelry a punk edge. These stretchy rings, bracelets and necklaces are topped with precious gems and metals. They are the very defiintion of artful contrasts; no other jewelry brand is producing anything that approaches these pieces on a conceptual level. The genius of Belle Etoile can be seen in the smooth delicacy of these pieces despite the industrial nature of the materials used to make them.

The Italian resin pieces take statement jewelry to the next level. Function meets form in the graceful loops of over-sized chain links, and massive accents contrast themselves by being amalgamations of smaller detailed elements. The Seashell Pearl collection turns traditional pearl jewelry on its head by turning the most classic type of jewelry, the pearl necklace, into something completely new. This is the magic of Belle Etoile. The brand transforms pearls and gemstones into new, better versions of themselves without changing their true identities. The brand's jewelry works the same magic on the women who love to wear it. Come to the store any time you wish to see these collections and more from Belle Etoile.

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